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  •  WHO: 

    • Bay Laurel team, current and former NFL, NCAA, High School Coaches/Athletes, business professionals and other community leaders. 

  • WHAT: 

    • Free Football Camp for youth 8-14 years old.

  • WHERE: 

    • North Commons Park

      • 1801 N James Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55411

  • WHEN: 

    • August 6-7, 2022

      • 12-3 PM

  • WHY: 

    • To improve inner-city communities through skills cultivation, team building and leadership development.

  • HOW: 

    • Volunteerism, personal donations, corporate sponsorships, Bay Laurel.

    • Curriculum: 
      • This 2-day camp will introduce youth to various aspects of the game of football.​

      • We will develop basic fundamentals utilized in the game of football.

      • We will introduce youth to career opportunities found within the game of football outside of the athlete.

      • We will also provide them with snacks, drinks and a camp exclusive Bay Laurel T-shirt.



The Bay Laurel Fund Youth Football Camp will be conducted in compliance with all Covid-19 regulations set forth by the City of Minneapolis, Minneapolis Park and Recreation and the State of Minnesota to ensure the safety of all participants. 

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